Private Parties

Reserving a Room for your Private Party At McGurk’s Public House

Here at McGurk’s Public House, we have several areas available to accommodate parties of all sizes.  From private to semi-private, McGurk’s Public House provides a dynamic and lively pub atmosphere.   All areas will be staffed appropriately for the size of your group.  Deposits and Rental Fees will be due when confirming your reservation.  These fees are refundable if cancellations are made up to two weeks prior to your event.

Green Room

This is our largest inside room.  It can accommodate up to 30 guests for a sit down dinner.   Two large booths and two long tables provide comfortable seating while our French doors provide a view to our award-winning garden or can be opened up to allow for a fresh garden breeze.

Red Room

This is a private room that can accommodate up to 16 guests for a more intimate sit down dinner.  With seating for up to 14 quests at one long table, The Red Room is ideal for business luncheons/presentations.

Seasonal Pavilion

During the late Fall to early Spring, McGurk’s Public House encloses our garden fountain area to provide a charming and unique setting.  This area can accommodate groups of up to 50 guests for sit down dinners or groups as large as 125 for appetizers and drinks.  There is nothing better than sitting in heated comfort, enjoying a delicious meal and drink, while watching the snow falling in the garden!



A deposit of $150 will be due when booking your private dinner in these areas.  This deposit assures your reservation and the full amount of deposit will be returned on the final bill at the end of your event.  This can be paid by cash, check, or credit card.

Atrium / Garden Bar – Depending on the time of year, McGurk’s makes one of our bars available for rent for private parties.  These areas are ideal for more casual gatherings featuring drinks and appetizers. Either bar can accommodate from 50-60 guests.


Atrium Bar:  Our Atrium bar is horseshoe shaped and features a high ceiling ringed with windows that allows for plentiful, natural light.


Garden Bar:  This bar is available for rent from mid-fall through mid-spring.

Our Garden Bar is enclosed and heated during the winter months and provides a private